California King Size Mattress: All You Need To Know in 2022

It’s hard to say no to the idea of buying a California king size mattress for your bedroom. Of course, it isn’t really necessary, strictly speaking. But once you try what it feels like to spread out, once you’ve tried the kind of space you get with a California king size bed, it can be hard to go back. Before you actually go and put your money down for a mattress of this size though, there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

cal king size

The first thing you want to think about is that while a California king size mattress really can feel wonderful to roll about in, it does take up room in your bedroom. Not only does your bedroom need to be large enough to comfortably fit one of these in, you need to actually be able to get it in through the doorways of your house, through the hallways, the stairs and so on.

Is Cal King Better Than King?

The California king dimensions (72 inches wide, 84 inches long) are best suited for taller people, or for narrow bedrooms where their more slim profile will fit in better aesthetically.

You can buy California king-size beds in just about any kind of firmness level. If you find that you have enough room in your house for this kind of mattress, the next thing you need to think about is how firm you would like it to be. The great thing is, that you don’t have to buy a full king-size mattress with the same firmness all through. The manufacturers realize that couples use beds and each person can have their own preferences for how firm they would like their mattress to be. So you can buy a mattress that’s firm by different amounts on each side.

But you do need to remember when you buy a king-size bed that there is more than one kind. A California king-size bed is the longest mass-produced mattress size out there. An Eastern king-size bed is the widest. The California one is 4 inches longer than the Eastern, the Eastern is 4 inches wider than the California. Unfortunately, you can’t have a bed that is as wide as an Eastern and as long as aCalifornia.

But it would be good idea to actually measure the mattress before you buy it. Variations do occur.

How Big Is California King vs Queen

A California king size is longer and wider than a queen mattress—measuring 72 inches by 84 inches.


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