Factors to Consider When Buying Quality Mattress

Not all memory foam mattresses will provide you with the comfort and the safety you need to have quality sleep. This means you have to be careful when shopping for such mattress. Here are some of the most important factors to consider when purchasing queen size memory foam mattress.

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Mattress dimensions 

While all queen size memory foam mattress come with the same dimension in terms of length and width, the height often differs depending on the brand. While this is a personal choice, it is also dependent on the height of your bed as well as your weight.

Petite people may like shorter memory foam mattresses while plump people may favor taller ones. Most of these foam mattresses may come in heights ranging from 8 inches to 16 inches. In order to know what height of memory foam mattress queen to purchase, you may have to talk to a specialist such as health expert.

The Design of the Mattress

The number of layers that make up the mattress and well as the materials them in another important factor to consider. Most memory foam mattresses feature two layer or three layer designs. The materials used in these layers are direct determinants of the quality of the mattress.

For example, in three-layer foam mattress may have the memory foam just beneath the cover and base foam in the lower layer with support foam in between. The heights of the individual layers differ and this directly correlates with the overall height of the mattress. This also has a lot to do with the overall density of mattress.

Density of the mattress 

The density of memory foam mattresses depend on the material that make its layers. The heavier the mattress the firmer it is. Health experts recommend the use of high-density mattresses and these are associated with less postural disorders due to poor sleeping positions. In this regard, there are low density, medium density as well as high-density memory foam mattresses.

Nevertheless, it is your choice what density is comfortable for you. Besides most of the memory foam mattresses are designed to conform with the shape of your body and therefore eliminating any postural problems that may arise from wrong orientation of your body during sleep. Some feature Pressure Relief System, which has the same effect.

Durability and safety 

It may sound strange but poor choice of a memory foam mattress queen can be a source of numerous health problems. If the cover of the mattress is made from materials that can act as allergens or trap allergens then you can develop respiratory problems. This means you have to choose a mattress whose cover is inert, natural and comfortable. By far the material for the cover is pure cotton.

The material for the cover will also determine the strength and durability of the mattress. The cover fabric must be strong enough to prevent it form tearing under tension or stretch. Luckily, these kinds of mattresses are made of super durable covers that will remain as good as new for long periods of time even with intensive use.

Easy of maintenance

Mattresses are like other furniture and therefore need cleaning and other maintenance practices. It is good to choose a memory foam mattress that is easy to clean and maintain. Most of these mattresses are quite costly and therefore proper maintenance will is necessary if they have to serve you well and help you save money.

It may be difficult to know which kind cover material is easy to clean and maintain without proper knowledge. The best way to go about it is to ask someone who has experience in use of such mattresses. Alternatively, most manufactures or sellers of these products usually offer such information in their frequently asked questions (FAQ) page of their official website.


As was mentioned earlier, these kinds of mattresses are quite costly and so you need to have some sort of insurance on your expenditure. Failure of the mattress can result from design flaw or damage during transportation. You have to ensure that you purchase your mattress from a reputable seller who offer warranty on such sales.

Fortunately, most manufactures ensure that they products are durable and therefore are not afraid of offering a warranty of up to 20 years. If you are considering purchasing queen size memory foam then you need to look for one with the longest warranty as this directly proves that the manufacturing company has faith in their product and that it is of high quality.


I believe the above discussion has enlightened you on how you can buy the best memory foam mattress queen. If you follow them, you can get the kind of mattress that will make your sleeping a time worth looking forward to. Even if you have a limited amount of money to spend, you will still find a good mattress.

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