Sleep Innovations Mattress – A Comprehensive Review

Build with a distinctive and authentic formulation, the sleep-innovations mattress ensures that you have a good, comfortable sleeping experience. This highly acclaimed mattress comes with increased support and airflow in addition to durability and quality. As a matter of fact it’s rated as one of the top 5 best selling mattresses in its class.

Sleep Innovations Mattress – Main Features and Benefits

  • Firm Support

There’s no need to keep flipping this mattress from time to time as it guarantees even weight distribution. The mattress gives an incredible support to the body meaning that you’ll not experience body pain when you wake up the following morning. It features an innovative two layer design that offers firm support for the back which consequently eliminates motion transfers.

  • Allergy and Asthma Friendly

There are very few mattresses in the market today that offer protection against allergies and respiratory ailments. The sleep-innovations mattress comes with an antimicrobial and allergen-free cover. This ensures that you’re safe from dust mites, bacteria, mold or any other elements that can bring about allergy reactions.

SureTemp Comfort Technology

sleep innovations mattressThis mattress features the SureTemp technology that has been specially designed to provide optimum comfort while sleeping. The mattress adjusts to body weight automatically which in turn guarantees you therapeutic benefits. The strengthened cell walls offer you and increased airflow as well as support.

  • Return on Investment

The 20 year warranty which this memory form mattress comes with offers you the sought after peace of mind that most consumers lack when buying a product. In the event there’s a manufacturers defect, you can rest assured the memory foam mattress will be replaced as long as it’s within the warranty period.

  • Minimal Tossing and Turning

The mattress features two pillows, made to keep your head together with the neck in the appropriate alignment and in essence keeps tossing and turning incidences at the minimum. The gel memory foam that is used make the pillows provides added supportive comfort and heat dissipation. The pillows contour to your head’s and neck as well as shoulder’s shape in addition to a 5 year limited warranty.

Customer Reviews

A large number of consumers seem to agree that the sleep innovations mattress is durable and of high quality. Its longevity can rival that of expensive memory mattresses according to some consumers.

The mattress is comfortable and doesn’t not in any way compare to spring mattresses. “There’s no back pain and you can be assured of a decent night sleep” said one of the consumers.

Some consumers say that this product is responsive to body heat and that its material softens as you lay on it.

While this product mainly attracted positive customer reviews some said it takes up to 12 hours for the mattress to fully foam after unpacking. Click here to reviews in full.

Where to Buy

There are many online stores to buy the sleep-innovations mattress from. However, a quick comparison indicates that on Amazon, the product sells at a relatively low price thanks to a considerable discount off the listed price and free shipping. You can always check the latest prices and buying options on Amazon as they keep fluctuating from time to time.

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